PLATE UP Delicious dinners, hassle-free

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Plate Up is an innovative new grocery shopping and meal prep app that helps families answer "what's for dinner?". Through partnerships with celebrity chefs, they create easy-to-follow recipes that can be purchased as ingredient lists directly from your favourite supermarkets. As a new way of shopping for meals, the brand needed to communicate the different parts of the offer in a simple and inviting way.


The brand strategy and design system – created alongside the team at Plate Up – is brought to life through the lens of the bright foodie, our warm, optimistic and helpful personality. From tone of voice, to art direction, to product design, the brand focuses on making the innovative shopping and prep experience inviting and simple, with a big focus on what customers will get at the end – delicious dinners.

As a founder whose strength is corporate focused, Dan was able to concisely explain options to me on my level and then seamlessly deep dive into the minor details with our marketing wizards. I highly commend Dan’s work product, but equally important (if not more important), his collaborative commitment to our rebrand and team