AUDIOMOVERS Creativity uninterrupted

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Audiomovers is an innovative new audio software that allows music producers to share files with collaborators globally, without losing any quality. To compete and communicate effectively in this space, they needed a brand that looks as good as the product technology works.


Using the brand idea ‘creativity uninterrupted’ as our starting point, we developed a creative concept that mirrored the overarching product experience. The concept ‘structure and stream’ consists of a grid (structure) and italic type graphics (stream). This gives the design a deliberately paired back, industrial look and feel that can be applied in both marketing and detailed software interface design.

There were two things that were very impressive about working with Dan – how quickly he got to something that was pretty damn close to the finished brand, and having the supporting rationale of how we could distinguish ourselves in the market. When we saw the work we immediately thought ‘That’s it, that’s Audiomovers.’ That put us at ease from the jump, establishing the trust to go deep. The fact we go to him for help on product UI rather than a specialist speaks to that trust

MATT SoczywkoHead of Marketing, AUDIOMOVERS