JENA Run your beauty business like a boss

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There are over 400,000 solopreneurs working in the personal care sector in the UK, with most still using pen and paper to manage their business. The founding team behind beauty platform LeSalon wants to change this, creating the tools independent beauty professionals need to create and manage a successful business.


By developing the brand and digital product alongside the visionary founders from the very beginning, we were able to design a brand experience that puts solopreneurs front and centre, giving investors a clear and exciting idea of the type of business JENA will be. The design language takes inspiration from oil painting portraiture, mixed with strong graphic frames to suggest supporting infrastructure.

Right from the start, Dan became an essential part of my team. He took the time to deeply understand my vision and goals for JENA. Then, with creativity and skill, he crafted a brand identity and user experience that perfectly captured the essence of what I was striving for. I can't recommend him highly enough. If you have a vision and need an expert partner to make it a reality, look no further than Dan and his team.

Jean-Michel ChalayerCo-founder & CEO, JENA

£1.2 million (over-subscribed) pre-seed round.