Oviva Better health for good

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Oviva operates at the intersection of technology and health, helping people build healthier habits to reverse the effects of type 2 diabetes. Greene & Sons partnered with the marketing, product and leadership teams to help them navigate the shift from being exclusively B2B, to a new customer-facing offer.


Together we defined the tagline and proposition ‘better health for good’, giving everyone across the business a shared understanding of the long-term goal for Oviva users. Using the key design principle 'designed around you' as our visual foundation, we created a warm, modern and organic look and feel that aimed to encourage users through every step of their journey.

In no time, we reached a very smooth and empathic collaboration level based on trust, mutual understanding and a fast-paced way to deliver outcomes. One of the things I like most is the way Dan connects visual changes with strategic thinking and is able to get board buy-in. I couldn’t recommend working with him more.

Corinne Berger PREVIOUSLY Head of Customer Marketing, Oviva

Oviva have gone on to raise over $115m in total funding, as well as increasing their programmes with the NHS